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A photo of me

Hi, I'm Una — a designer, and calligrapher.

Modern calligraphy is a huge passion of mine. I love combining letterforms and playing with texture. I have over 10 years of professional design experience and 5 years of hand-lettering experience.

A portrait of me in my Austin Studio.

My love for lettering and art started at a young age. I was always crafting cards and scrapbooking pages throughout my life. I studied computer science and graphic design at a university in Washington, DC, and spent a semester studying art in Florence, Italy, where I picked up serigraphy (screen printing), illustration, and book binding.

After college, I lived in Austin, TX, working in IBM's new creative design studio. This is where I first formally picked up the art of calligraphy, having taken a class in roman calligraphy at a local art museum. I immediately fell in love with the craft, and subsequently have continued to hone my calligraphy skills, moving into pointed pen and more modern lettering techniques.

I now live in Brooklyn, NY and work at Google. Hand lettering and illustration is a way to bring my creativity into a physical space.